Frequently Asked Questions

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Medical Care

How does Blueberry work with my Pediatrician?
What is Blueberry's policy on vaccinations?
Can Blueberry prescribe medications like antibiotics?
Can Blueberry write school notes or absence notes?
What can Blueberry Pediatrics Treat?

Membership & Availability

Is Blueberry really available 24/7? What about holidays?
What is in Blueberry's medical kit?
How many children are included in a Blueberry membership?
How often can I message my team of Blueberry Pediatricians?
Can I cancel my Blueberry membership?
How long does a Blueberry membership last?
I have insurance, is Blueberry still a good option for my family?
My insurance already has telemedicine, should I still join Blueberry?
Can I purchase a Blueberry Membership as a gift for someone else?


Who can use Blueberry?
Does Blueberry help with babies or toddlers?
What ages can Blueberry care for?
In which states can Blueberry provide care for my family?
Can I use Blueberry if my child does not have health insurance?


How much does Blueberry cost?
How does Blueberry work with my insurance?
Can I pay for Blueberry with my HSA or FSA card?
If I sign up for Blueberry but don't like it, can I get a refund?
Can I purchase a Blueberry Membership as a gift for someone else?

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What's included

  • Unlimited 24/7 care
    Get help with anything, big or small
  • Wireless ear scope
    Perform at-home ear/nose/throat exams
  • Pulse oximeter
    Assess heartrate, oxygen, and breathing
  • Oral thermometer
    Quick, and with a flexible tip -just in case you don't have one at home
  • Forehead thermometer
    Annual Memberships Only
    1-second readings and easy to use
  • Digital Rx savings card
    Save up to 80% on medications
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